Bactoferm® meat starter cultures


Making consumers try your product is a result of numerous impressions and personal preferences. For consumers to buy again they must have had a positive experience – to keep buying requires that they get what they expect again and again. Our Bactoferm® meat cultures offer:

Consistent quality

To provide consistent quality day in and day out you need to be in control but Who controls the background flora of so-called artisanal salami? NOBODY!! Only by adding high levels of natural but standardized strains can the background flora be suppressed and the variability from uncontrolled fermentation eliminated.

Control of the process

Using Bactoferm® is about gaining control – it is a range of fermentation cultures that are tailor-made from natural but standardized strains to deliver constant product quality batch after batch in a cost efficient manner. Today’s starter cultures are isolated from meat and salami products e.g. from Italy.

Appealing appearance

 As consumers, we often buy with our eyes, i.e. we pick products that look appealing to us. Bactoferm® adds positively to the appearance by facilitating the attractive red color.

Excellent taste

Obviously, flavor is a key attribute and a fundamental reason for repurchase. Bactoferm® cultures – alive and natural – are among the main contributors to salami flavor, particularly, when no dominant spices are used.

Right texture

Texture is one of the most important quality parameters to the consumer as well as the producer. Be it soft or be it hard; it has to be consistent.


Is important in most operations and closely related to texture and degree of drying. When your process is under control it is possible to optimize for yield and quality adding to the bottom line.

Food safety

It is the responsibility of food manufacturers to produce and market products that are safe and fit to be consumed i.e. unspoiled and not conveying illness. Bactoferm® plays a key role in these efforts by acidifying the meat batter and easing the drying process.

Easy to use

Starter cultures require no change in process –actually you can expect to reach the final product much faster than depending on any background flora.

Beneficial molds

Molds are traditionally used in some products and totally unacceptable in others. For whole salamis they do support texture, more traditional flavor, pH control and absence of aflatoxins – if commercial molds are applied. The Bactoferm® range includes molds.

Brand Protection

Bactoferm® is also about brand protection i.e. the consumers get what they want and expect –all the time – a basis for growth.

Proven technology

The worldwide inoculation of salami practiced since 1960 has confirmed the good results achieved by the combination of elements of the traditional technology and the standardized starter cultures. This has eliminated most of the variation stemming from uncontrollable and potentially dangerous background flora. The many years of inoculation have as well helped to create new technologies that are safer and more efficient.

Simple Labeling

Fermentation cultures are generally labeled as “starter culture”. This labeling has in general a positive marketing effect and is often used also where labeling of cultures is not compulsory. Local authorities must always be consulted.


Food waste is a growing concern to the public and an ethical problem in a world where food scarcity exists and will most likely grow. Adding Bactoferm® for consistent quality, minimal waste and improved food safety makes sense to society, too.


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