Food safety, efficiency and consistent quality! Does this sound familiar?

Well, it does to most salami manufacturers. Most of today’s manufacturers are facing serious challenges as they constantly strive to develop safe and stable products, optimize raw material and manufacturing costs, and provide consumers with appealing products with the right taste, texture and color.

Meat cultures from Chr. Hansen have a long track record of delivering on these aspects and Bactoflavor® Flora Italia is no different. Actually, the extensive scanning of series of strains identified a strain combination that was better than most of the meat cultures presently offered to the meat industry.

Bactoflavor® Flora Italia is characterized by:

  • Rapid acidification for a safe production and optimal microbiological quality
  • No compromise on color and aroma thanks to the very active and pH resistant Staphylococci strains
  • Robustness that securing repeatability,regardless of the raw material quality
  • A new L. sakei strain meeting the consumer demands for sweeter and non-spicy flavor notes, which are so typical of the smooth Italian products

Now Chr. Hansen also launches SafePro® Flora Italia LC to provide an extra food safety barrier to minimize the risk of Listeria monocytogenes growth.

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