HANSEN SWEET POTATO ™ – the perfect choice

Today Chr Hansen has its own production platform to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Many options – many alternatives. This is the best alternative to carmines and synthetic red colors on the market at the moment. Now, full access to a wide range of reliable, natural colors, concentrates and juices is already a fact. Red has never been so pronounced!

Chr Hansen for the first time developed and commercialized a new variety of vegetables. The exclusive „HANSEN SWEET POTATO ™ Ipomoea batatas“ series that provides unique coloring properties. The global presence and traditional, non-GMO breeding made it happen.


It all began with a very promising discovery – our team first heard of the tubers that „turned“ into HANSEN SWEET POTATO ™, in a place quite far from the headquarters of Chr Hansen.

A tale of tenacity

Pigment content was not impressive, but its color was encouraging. Transformation has taken a long time and was not easy at all, until the newly discovered plant has become a number of useful products. It has to be phased through breeding, supply and production. This, however, has proved to be the best way to develop and commercialize an excellent and reliable product.

Chr Hansen’s specialists have spent more years developing the venture called HANSEN SWEET POTATO ™. They have grown many varieties in each generation, seeking a unique combination of strength, rich harvest, saturated color and high effect in coloring.

In close cooperation with growers, our team has precisely studied a single crop to reach the perfect pigment and, therefore, uncompromising quality.


HANSEN SWEET POTATO ™ is a brilliant choice. A red alternative to carmine and artificial red colors, with its distinct advantages, namely: saturation and stability, entirely plant-based, free from off-taste.

HANSEN SWEET POTATO ™ series – the perfect quality and reliability.


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