Malolactic wine bacteria

Malolactic wine bacteria

Viniflora® malolactic wine bacteria are malolactic starter cultures that manage the controlled process of malolactic fermentation (MLF) in wine. Viniflora® bacteria are ready for direct inoculation into barrels or tanks. No re-hydration or acclimatization step is required. Direct inoculation is delivered by a high concentration of active cells. This represents a major saving for wineries and explains why direct inoculation bacteria or yeast have a superior cost-in-use when compared to build-up products or to the costs of rectifying problems that can be caused by spontaneous MLF.

Viniflora® bacteria have been carefully selected not to produce biogenic amines (e.g. histamine) during malolactic fermentation. This is a major benefit both for wineries and consumers over indigenous malolactic flora.

Benefits of using Viniflora® malolactic wine bacteria:

– Saving time and costs

– Improving wine quality

– Higher product safety

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