Natural colors for beverages

Natural colors for beverages

Chr. Hansen drives the conversion of the food color market from synthetic to truly natural solutions. The company offers to producers of beverages around the world a complete palette of premium quality natural colors for beverages, which originate from natural sources like fruits, vegetables, roots and seeds. Chr. Hansen also offers the latest generation of colors – FruitMax® coloring foodstuff (extracts), which are actually the coloring food with food.The products come with a professional partnership, ensuring the customers with the very best technical solutions, consulting and inspiration.

Why we are adding colors to beverages?

–       To ensure appealing look of the product

–       To emphasize the flavor

–       To color naturally uncolored products

–       To replace color lost during processing

–       To provide batch to batch uniformity

Chr. Hansen provides a product range of natural colors and extracts, specially designed for soft drinks, powder soft drinks, drinks with juice content and alcoholic beverages.

The colors are characterized with:

–       Resistance to light, oxygen, pH, heat treatment, complexity of the matrix

–       Effective cost-in-use

–       Clear positioning in relation to the dietary laws


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