Natural colors for other food types

Natural colors for other food types

It is perhaps more true than ever to say that we ‘eat with our eyes’. Manufacturers of all food products are motivated to create new and unique shapes, flavors and vibrant colors to grab consumer‘s attention. This is why we offer you solution – natural colors for other food types.

At the same time, consumers want to go back to simple, easy to understand ingredients. As a consequence, clean label is no longer a new trend – it has become main stream, so it is the key to have solutions meeting both requirements.

Chr. Hansen made it possible. We offer you Chr. Hansen’s natural colors for other food types and coloring foodstuffs (extracts) suitable for use in food such as biscuits, cakes and pastries, cake decorations, puddings, wafers, snacks and nut panning, chips, sauces and others. The colors are derived from natural sources such as plants, fruits, vegetables, roots and seeds and can be an excellent color solution for both your product and its label.

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