Pre-salting in meat


Pre-salting is an old technique that was used to protect the meat against spoilage and maintain or even increase the water binding capacity in all the kind of emulsified and cooked products. However there was a huge disadvantage of that solution – the microbiology of the product was out of control.

Still a lot of traditional recipes are based on pre-salting method. Now – thanks to bioprotective cultures – we can make this technology safer. Adding SafePro®B-LC-78 on the top of the product allows us to dominate the background microflora during resting (salting) time. That allows us to reduce significantly random effects of unknown bacteria.

As a result we obtain better color formation and improved color stability. It is worth mentioning that one of the bacteria strain used in that culture – Staphylococci – improves utilization of nitrate and nitrite and in that way reduces peroxides due to catalase production.  In that way we get more intensive meat flavor.

There are a few good reasons to reconsider using that method in some of your meat applications.  This solution can be used for all kinds of emulsified and cooked products.

The main benefits are:

  • more flexibility in buffering fresh meat
  • less variations from batch to batch due to better control of the background flora
  • improved yield with all natural solution and cost reduction
  • potential shelf-life extension, reduction of oxidation while shelf life
  • improving color formation and color stability
  • food safety – reduction of Listeria monocytogenes risk
  • reduction or excluding ”E” numbers
  • taste improvement

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