Protein is the new black

Protein is the new black

Consumers all over the world are increasing their protein intake

In the past protein was associated with muscle building. Now it is a natural part of a healthy diet and a source of sustained energy. The demand for high protein dairy products is booming. As a result and cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and Skyr are flying off the supermarket shelves.

From the USA to the UK, from Germany to China – the trend is global. Protein consumption is on the rise. Every year, the number of new products that are launched with high protein claims grows. Consumers report that the reason for an increased protein consumption span from maintaining or losing weight, to satisfying one’s appetite, to reducing the urge to snack [1]. 

Parallel to this trend is an ongoing increase in the supply of milk. In the EU and in the USA, milk production has increased by 15-20% [2] over the last decade and with the elimination of the EU quota, milk deliveries are now expected to rise even further.

With dairy products being a popular source of protein among customers around the world, this increase in milk supply provides cheese and yogurt producers with ample opportunity to take advantage of the protein boom.


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[2] Eurostat & USDA                              

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